Mint Days at GOHD Books!

May 2, 2009

I had a great time at the flea market yesterday!

GOHD Books (GOHD stands for the owner’s name - Diana Goh) is a beautiful, cosy little place tucked away in Little India. Remove your shoes and go right into a carpeted space, with shelves of books from eclectic authors such as Primo Levi to Grahame Greene, from books on General Tactictus to the Kama Sutra. The books here are all carefully handpicked by Diana for her customers. Prices are really reasonable too, from $10-$20 per book.

Cushions are strewn all over the floor for readers to lounge on, and Diana plays some pretty cool music for you to relax too while you’re browsing. Diana is a happy, crazy girl who loves books and will chat to you at length about them.

Wai (my great, uncomplaining assistant) and I had the good fortune to meet some other great people who had set up store at the flea as well - intelligent, witty and very warm people who were brought together by this flea. To be honest, we didn’t really sell much, but the experience was very fun, and I’m glad I was given the chance to meet them.

I’ll be sure to pop by GOHD Books the next time I’m free and want some books to browse.

Mint Days at GOHD Books
The little table I set up, packed with Mint Days goodies. There are a lot of items which I made specially for this event which I didn’t put up on the site yet, so I’ll be putting them up soon.

Mint Days at GOHD Books
Wai was sneaky and took this shot of this sweet-looking couple who set up store selling some very beautiful canvas paintings.

Mint Days at GOHD Books
Wai snapped a picture of me browsing a book while lounging on the cushions.

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