Inspiration: Mint x Pink

April 2, 2009

Recently, I just started a 365 photos thing on my Flickr called “Daily Inspiration”. I’m currently into Day 4, and I’ve started with colours.

In particular I’d like to share Day 1’s colourway - Mint x Pink, because it was the inspiration for the whole site.

Daily Inspiration - Mint x Pink - 1/365

1. mint green clay roses, 2. pastel cuppies, 3. aqua and pink, 4. Butterfly mint cupcakes, 5. rose cupcakes, 6. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Gingham Rose Ribbon Print (mint), 7. pastel de fresa, 8. Pink Porcelain Rose, 9. German Trivet, 10. Planter full of lace, 11. MInted Rose Locket, 12. Victorian Cone Confection *Tussy Mussy* Shabby Chic/Romantic *Tussie Mussie*, 13. 820-3329 レディローズワンピース, 14. Mint Vintage Inspiration Tag, 15. earrings / Ohrbaumler "MINT / PINK", 16. garden party earrings in mint and pink

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To be honest, I started out not liking green. It wasn’t until pretty recently (last year? two years ago, maybe?) that I started really falling in love with mint as a colour. It was a lolita dress by Baby the Stars Shine Bright that sealed the deal for me, with its beautiful combination of rose pink and mint. You can see the print in the mosaic above (picture 6)- it’s called Gingham Rose. Thus started my minor obsession with all things mint! I really love the colour now, and especially the colourway of mint and pink.

I’m enjoying myself with different colour combinations so far, and in the process of searching for pictures for the inspiration board, I explore and find many wonderful photos on Flickr. All in all, a pretty fun exercise, I hope I can keep it up for the year!

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